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Smoked Turkey, Spaghetti & Leeks

In a large sauté pan, over moderate heat, sauté until tender (about 10 minutes):
   2 tablespoons butter
   3 large leeks, white and light-green parts only, split and rinsed and then
   cut into quarters and then sliced
   1 teaspoon salt

Meanwhile, bring to boil a large pot of boiling salted water. Add and cook until al denté (about 11 minutes):
   3/4 pound spaghetti

When sauté pan with leeks are tender, increase the heat to moderate high, add
and simmer until liquid is reduced to about 1/4 cup:
   1/2 cup canned low-sodium chicken broth or homemade stock

Stir in and bring to a simmer until slightly thickened (about 2-3 minutes):
   1 cup heavy cream
   1 cup diced smoked HoneyBaked turkey (Or HoneyBaked Ham works too)
   2 tablespoons chopped parsley
   1/4 teaspoon fresh-ground black pepper

Drain and rinse Spaghetti and toss with sauce. Divide into bowls and serve with grated Parmesan cheese and crushed red or black pepper.

Serves 4

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