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Holiday Turkey Gobbler

Split open:
   2 large Grinder or Kaiser rolls

Spread 1/2 of each with:
   1 tablespoon mayonnaise

Top each of those slices with:
   1/4 cup warmed HoneyBaked Pecan Mushroom Stuffing (or any other stovetop variety
   3 or 4 slices of sliced HoneyBaked Oven-Roasted Turkey Breast (Depending on size of the roll)

Top the turkey with:
   2 tablespoons HoneyBaked Cranberry Chutney (or Cranberry Sauce)
   1 teaspoons slivered almonds.
   Crisp lettuce
   The top of the roll, butter or spread with our champagne mustard

This is also great served hot, open-faced (omit the lettuce) topped with our turkey gravy and the cranberry chutney on the side.

Serves 2

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